Basic Algebra/Precalculus

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Basic College Algebra

BCA1. Integer Exponent Rules

BCA1.1. Example: Like Bases

BCA1.2. Example: Mixed Bases

BCA2.0. Review: Manipulating Equalities

BCA2.1. Linear Equations in Two Variables

BCA2.2. Slope of a Line

BCA2.3. Slope-Intercept Equation of a Line

BCA2.4. Point-Slope Equation of a Line

BCA3.1. SLE 1 - The Graphing Method

BCA3.2. SLE 2 - Substitution Method

BCA3.3. SLE 3 - Addition Method

BCA4.1. Polynomials: Addition

BCA4.1.1. Polynomial Example: Subtraction with Parentheses

BCA4.2. Polynomials: Multiplication

BCA4.3. Polynomials: Division

BCA4.4. Factoring: Greatest Common Factor and Grouping

BCA4.5. Factoring: Quadratics 1

BCA4.5. Factoring: Quadratics 2: Difference of Two Squares

BCA4.5.X. Factoring Example: DO2S x 2

BCA4.6. Solving Quadratic Equations Using Zero Product Rule

BCA4.6.X Example 1: Solving Quadratics Equations Using ZPR

BCA4.6.X. Example 2: Solving Quadratic Equations

BCA5.1. Simplifying Rational Expressions

BCA5.2. Rational Expressions: Multiplication and Division

BCA5.3. Rational Expressions: Addition and Subtraction

BCA5.4. Solving Rational Equations

BCA5.4.X. Example: Solving a Rational Equation

BCA6.1. Definition of Square Root

BCA6.2. Simplifying Radical Expressions

Basic Algebra II

The Bellhop Problem: 27 + 2 = 30

Evaluating Logarithms 1

Evaluating Logarithms 2

Evaluating Logarithms 3

Logarithmic Equations 1

Logarithmic Equations 2

Logarithmic Equations 3

Domain of log_6(x^2 - 7x + 6)

Example of Compound Interest

Exponential Growth

Inverse Functions with Logarithm